Hi Paul & Sally,

Just to let you know that Teal has settled in amazingly well.    She just piled in the bed with the rest of them as though she had been here all her life. Just a little crying last night which I expected.  I am just so surprised how confident she is.  Labradors are just such good baby sitters!!
Many thanks for letting me have one of your precious puppies.
All the best Liz Whyte :))   July 09


Hi Sally and Paul,
Hope that you are both well.
Just wanted to give you a quick update on Peter (Buddy x Vora); he's settled very well and although full of mischief he's a firm member of the family!
He's taken to the children and other animals really well, and likes nothing more than playing in the field amongst the long grass. His best game is if the girls run and hide and he has to 'seek' them out, obviously in his blood lol.
He's admired wherever he goes and is due to start puppy classes next week.
I've attached some pics of him, hope you like them.
Best wishes,
Sam & Steve
July 09



hi sally and Paul, just a quick email to let you know brynn is doing fab. he settled in first 5 mins. he's slept through the night no bother since first night .hes eating sound, pooing and peeing always outside although he has taken to doing the odd pee on the living room rug!!! little bugger. he's into absolutely everything and loves to eat gravel!! we've had to mesh the top of my bonsai pots to stop him. he loves his little playmate arnie as you'll see in the pic, they play constantly and if he gets a bit rough arnie bites his ear ha ha which he doesn't think is fun. hes growing dead quick and keeps falling over his legs. hes just absolutely gorgeous and we want thank you so much for letting us have him and also for the time both you and Paul spent with us. ive attached 3 pics. thanks a lot.
Kelly dean and brynn

July 09


Hi Sally and Paul,

Hope that you are both well.
Just wanted to give you a quick update on Peter (BuddyxVora); he's settled very well and although full of mischief he's a firm member of the family!
He's taken to the children and other animals really well, and likes nothing more than playing in the field amongst the long grass. His best game is if the girls run and hide and he has to 'seek' them out, obviously in his blood lol.
He's admired wherever he goes and is due to start puppy classes next week.
I've attached some pics of him, hope you like them.
Best wishes,
Sam & Steve JULY 09

Hi Sally and Paul,

We hope that you are both well.
Our 2 hour 'love your puppy' session with Paul seems like only yesterday, but my how time flies......
Spencer is now 10 and a half weeks and doing absolutely great. it's hard to find the words to express how pleased we are with him.
We certainly know that he is around, but he is such a wonderful character and seems to be re-paying every little investment of time and effort manyfold.
He is pretty much house trained, providing we do not overstretch his puppy capability, when accidents still happen, but if we are thoughtful and do not over-extend his ability to hold things he will always go outside to relieve himself.
Spencer settled immediately and played enthusiastically with Mollie the Collie and Ali the King Charles Spaniel. He has even been known to sleep with Bramble the cat, but he overstepped the mark when he bit Theo's tail (Bramble's brother) and has a couple of marks on his snout and forehead to show for it! No doubt they will heal, but he seems to have a short memory on that front, and he and Mollie have taken to sporting with the cats every time they move, though thankfully they both respect a strong voice reprimand.
In the first week he learned to sit when being fed, and now sits around your feet in his corner of the kitchen whenever he thinks it is feeding time, so there is no danger of missing a feed! How he runs and plays with such an expanded tum almost beggars belief, but Ann thinks that he's doubled his weight since we brought him home. I don't know but he's now the same size, if not bigger than Ali, so he's certainly grown considerably.
He finds being on a lead great fun, holding it in his mouth and strutting around for a few minutes, then when he gets bored he rolls around with it and kills it very loudly, then he's quite happy to continue with the leading game.
Spencer also loves playing at chase, both with the other dogs and ourselves, but thankfully we've already managed to get him to recognise the come command, so that we can stop the game and get him to come. (Okay he can take a while, but the patience is generally rewarded, and we have invested in some treats to persuade him that it's worthwhile doing now , rather than in a minute or two. The need for this becomes apparent when he thinks its more fun to swing on a horses tail rather than listen, and hasn't noticed the hoof raised in good natured warning!!)
I should just mention that Ann broke her ankle on a drain on the evening that we brought Spencer home, and has been in plaster since, so Spencer's chase me games have been particularly challenging when its been Ann's watch while I've had to work away, but in spite of this everyone is thriving and he is loved very much.
We have attached a few photographs, including some of Spencer 'gardening' which is better than remodelling the kitchen, but we are hoping that he will grow out of both career aspirations in time and take up something more suited to his canine strengths, though I doubt that he will change until we've worked out what these are.
Anyway, much love to you both, and we'll do our best to report in periodically.
Ann, Eugene, Spencer and all at the Levy extended family  JULY 09



Just thought i would send you a quick email to thank-you for Jack , 
When i arrived at your kennels i was fully aware and impressed with 
your kennel set up and your dedication to improve the German Short-
haired Pointer breed.
Jack has proved to be a great success whilst on the course and we have 
had no difficulties along the journey , His friendly nature and work 
ability combined is an asset to the hard work you have put in to 
produce a breed with both qualities  ,Jack works constantly and 
doesn't believe in down time if he can help it !!!!!!  Jack is now 
fully qualified and working within the Prison Service as a Passive 
Search Dog searching for all illegal narcotics.

Many Thanks




Hi Sally
Hope you are well, just a quick update on our little one (or not so little any more!!). He is very well and happy, and we are finally able to say that he and our Jack Russell are friends!!!
If you got the recent Christmas brochure from Morrisons in the paper or in store you may recognise someone, he's a little star!! I have attached a picture for you just in case you didn't see it.
He passed his puppy class and his Kennel Club Bronze Award, we are now doing our Silver.
He sends his love and licks for Xmas
Jo Marsden



Hi Sally,
I trust you are Paul are well?
Now this email may come as somewhat of a suprise to you; the events have certainly suprised me.
Due to popular demand the latest being the Gundog accessor i have entered Dylan into a gundog open class show.
To prepare for today i have attended two ring class evenings with Dylan and then the big day came.
Dylan was entered into one class only (puppy gundog - just thought we would give it a go) and to our suprise he got a 1st and then got a 1st for Best Puppy gundog in show - WOW!!!!
I'm a bit taken aback to be honest and we'll see where this new route takes him - but not at the expense of his gundog training as this will always take priority with me.
We got talking to quite a few breeders and they were all very positive to Dylans build/looks movements etc...
I have to admit he makes me smile inside all the time.
Both Dobbi and Dylan are coming on very nicely with the gundog level two training and after this i hope to start getting a bit more into the working or field trials with Dylan; but theres plenty of time i guess for that.
Hope to see you both soon
Mark - Denise.




Hi Sally,
'Archie' is absolutely fine.   Two weeks to-day and so far so very good.  He is sleeping through the night - no problems - in his crate, eating well, almost house trained and 'sits'.  We are taking things slowly - I took him to my vet and he was given the all clear in every way.  They give the second vaccination at 12 weeks so we are having fun in the garden.  He plays with my kitten (10 months) and although he gets a bit rough, they are becoming friends.
It was a pleasure to meet you and Paul and thank you both for all the good, caring, advice.  I hope you are both well and finding homes for all Archie's sisters.
I will keep in touch and let you know how we progress.
Best wishes.
Dawn Rainsford    8.11.08




Hi Sally
What a brilliant dog we now have living with us! Flint (short for Flintlock) has had his second injections and is bounding about playing with everyone and everything. Not much mess at all. I am amazed at how quickly he learns to do things in such a short time. Definitely a wonderful bread and I cannot imagine the household without him. Thank-you for all your advice and help which has been invaluable.

 Anyway enough talk here are some pictures.

Mat Edwards 29.10.08



Sally and Paul, just a few words of thanks for the puppy. His a very bold chap and is not afraid of anything or any noises. His settled in really quickly, sleeping though the night within two days. He went to his first puppy class the first comment from are teacher was "what a lovely dog the breeders have done him proud"
                                            Many thanks
                                                                Mark, Linda and Dudley 20.10.08



Hi Sally,
Just wanted to let you know that we made it back to Swansea ok.  Thank you both for all the help and information and obviously for giving us a wonderful puppy that we have called Jasmine - Jazz for short.  She is fab - 100 miles and hour and a real softy.  Will send you a photo when I have my hands free for long enough.  We are going to the vet Monday so will send another email after the check up.
Thank you again
Jo, Kurt and Jazz



Hi Sally,

As we have had Ria for over twelve months now I thought I would drop you a line and let you know how she is doing.
She has a fantastic nature and is a joy to own, she is incredibly laid back and calm which makes her a fantastic and easy dog to work. She is incredibly intelligent and very rarely needs to be given a command twice I have included a photo of her forgive the quality I took in on my phone she held this point on a hen pheasant for almost 20 minutes.  

Julie and Dave





Hi Sally / Paul,
Just thought you might like to know.......
Dylan and Dobbi have today / this morning just passed the 'gundog level' one course......
When i say pass what i really mean is that Dylan scored 85 out of 100 and got a MERIT!!!!!
Dobbi got 81 out of 100 and also received a MERIT!!!!!!!
They were both fantastic and the accessors comments were as follows
Such a wonderful mover, with a lovely gait, one of the best heads on a GSP she as seen and a natural hunting ability
It is a rare treat to award a dog 20 out of 20 for his hunting skills, a wonderful dog to watch him doing something that he obviously enjoys to the full.
Off course we pointed out to her where they came from and gave her the website details for her reference.
She as taken photo's of both and asked if she could add them to her website; off course we agreed to let her.
Sally many thanks for giving us two wonderful dogs that as i have said many times before are a real credit to you.
See you soon
Mark / Denise



Hi Sally,


Just thought I’d drop you a quick email to let you know that Boris is doing fine.  We are so pleased with him.  He has the sweetest nature and the smartest brain!  He is already well behaved, learning quickly and having great fun living with us and the cats. 

I’ve attached a couple of photos to show how much he has grown, and these we’re taken 10 days ago!

Will send more as he gets older. 

Congrats on the new litters – they look gorgeous! 





Hi Sally
Just to let you know Marley is still doing brilliantly.  She had another vet check last night and he said she was looking very good, nice and leggy, a good weight and she was extremely friendly as usual licking the vet all over as he tried to listen to her heart.
She and Inca get on really well and I'll try and get some pictures to you soon.  She is a complete pig - food is one of her main priorities and however much you feed her is not enough.  She loves my mum's springers and is generally a pleasure.  I am looking forward to starting gun dog training with her when she is a bit older, although I think we may have some work to do - Inca caught a partridge the other day, Marley managed to get it off her and was very reluctant to give it up (I think she would have eaten the whole thing) so I'm going to be working on dropping things.
She is enjoying puppy classes - I think she is the most vocal pup there and certainly likes to let you know when she's board..  We also took her to a village show the other day which she enjoyed. 
I wondered if any of her brothers or sisters are down this way as it would be nice to see how they are doing?
Hope all is well with you.



Hi Sally
Thanks v much for the number.  Marley has settled in really well, she and Inca get on brilliantly and have been playing in the garden together.  She woke up once in the night but that was all and in fact we went in and got them up at about eight o'clock this morning.
She is currently asleep on Martin's stomach.  She seems very calm and is not at all worried by loud noises or strange things. 
We are so pleased to have her so thanks v much once more.
We'll send some pictures through in the next few weeks and I'll give you a quick ring tomorrow to confirm how the vets went.



Hi Sally
As promised here are some more recent pictures of Ollie which were taken this morning.  They are not very good and really don't do him justice. His tennis ball is never far away and he now charges into the river and swims to retrieve it. He has had lots of glowing compliments from various GSP and gundog enthusiasts, mostly about his conformation and stunning good looks. I have had his ear tattooed because where ever we go people rave about him and he is so friendly he would go off with anyone provided he could take his ball. 
Anyway I will persevere with the photography,
Best wishes


Hi Sally 

How great to hear from you.  Dexter is fabulous.  He’s done some one to one training with a gun dog trainer near Northwich and we are presently doing a course run by Vic Barlow here in Macclesfield.  We’ve also joined a Kennel Club run ring craft club, although this currently clashes with the training course.  Dex is such a babe and as you told us you couldn’t even go to the loo without him wanting to see what you were up to, well he is just the same now.  Because I work from home we have loads of one to one time and then living opposite a park, we get out lots.  We also have Macclesfield Forest 5 mins up the road.  He is also wonderfully mental.  Some photos are attached and I hope you like them.  We do hope to have another when Dex is a little older – we keep checking your website to see what you’ve got going on. 

Hoping that you are keeping well.




Hello there 

Just a short email to say we are all doing really well.  Ruby is a fabulous dog, has done very well in her initial dog training classes.  She is gorgeous and all our friends fall in love with her….. 

Hope you are well 

Jo & Stuart


Hi Sally
I thought you may wish to know how our pup is getting on.  He is a real sweetie who has his bouncy moments, but is very gentle particularly with small children (who I actively seek out for him to meet!).
He is getting on well with our grumpy 12 year old Springer Spaniel, who has set some clearly defined boundaries, but as you see bed sharing is allowed!  Ollie has inherited his dad's good looks as you will see.   We are really chuffed with him, he is very bold, eager to please, affectionate and a pleasure to have around.  He has not been at all clingy, in fact he has been taking himself off up the (very long) garden to explore since day 1.  
Best wishes



Hi Sally
Your new kennels look fantastic, we have a look every few weeks.  Im so sorry to read about Kurtz you must be devastated.
Chester is a dream.  All he wants to do is work and he is not interested in any other dogs when he is out with a ball.  We need to look at what to do with him to keep him busy!  We might send him up to you for some proper training!  Ive just took these pictures in the garden, he is very big.  Last time at the vets he was 40kg but not an ounce of fat on him.  Every one asks what he is and seem shocked that he is a GSP.  We have not had him done yet as I dont think he is a problem but any advise off you would be a help.  Luke says he has an air about him when his out, he just thinks his better than any one else.  He is so good with the Weimer who does keep Chester in his place! 
Hope you are keeping well and good luck with the kennels
Jo x



Hi Sally!

Just a quick note to let you know that the puppy we
collected last Wednesday evening is settling in very
well here with us!  We have decided to call him
Apart from a little crying on the first night he has
been very settled and confident - as predicted he
wants to be into everything - when hes not snoring on
his bed!  We're loving having him!
I will send you some pictures once I've got them off
my camera.

Many Thanks again
Phil and Claire Pape.


Hi Sally, 

Madam is doing well with the training and seems to have taken to water OK. When we can get on land with any birds at the weekend she is finding them very well. She is not yet pointing steadily but with every bird she’s showing signs that it won’t be long before she realises what it’s all about. She has a fantastic tail action when she’s on scent and is really starting to enjoy being out in the fields. I would still like another puppy when Lena’s fully trained and working as it makes some of the things so much easier training a youngster if it can respond to an older dog. I will keep working on the ‘boss’ at home as the thought of another monster in the house does not have the same appeal to her as it does to me! We go across to Mablethorpe most weekends during the summer, so it would be easy for me to pop in if you wanted to see the dog at any time. 

Best wishes




Hi Sally,
Thought it was about time I kept you up to speed on the progress of the pup......Xav
She is unbelievably bright, already retrieving tennis balls to hand, sitting and staying, walking to heel.
As the last two days have been hot I thought I would attempt to introduce her to water. No problem. As her desire to retrieve is so strong it was easy to toss a ball into deeper water and off she went. She is very young to be this far advanced, but I don't fee I am putting to much pressure on her because it has all been so easy.
Before getting the pup everyone warned me about GSP's saying they never stop whining. Not a bit of it. She had a moan on the first two nights of being kennelled...understandably.... but since silence. She loves to come out of the kennel and integrate into social life but is completely relaxed to go back again
I only hope she continues in the same vein and her hunting ability is just as good. I'm sure it will be.
Regards David



I visit your website on a regular basis to keep up to date with all the
great things you are achieving at Riverside and it was with great
sadness that I read your news about Kurtz, I cannot imagine the hole he
has left in your kennels, you produce the most amazing loving dogs and
to lose one is heartbreaking.

I had to go and give Piper a big hug after reading the news. Thank you
for sharing your dogs with us and allowing us the joy of pointer
ownership. If ever you mate Dipper and Ryla again please let us know
as Piper has brought our family nothing but joy and for that we will
always be grateful

Best wishes

Sam and Simon

from Kent


Hi Sally,
Just wanted to let you know that Jack is doing really well.  I took him to the vet on Saturday for his jabs and check-up and the vet said he's one of the nicest GSPs he's ever seen!  He was also VERY impressed with your contract and paperwork.  He said most breeders don't care as much as you do.  It was also the first time he'd seen the paperwork for a legal docking.
Thanks so much for my Jack!
Hope you have a great New Year!



Just thought I'd drop you a line and some pictures of Jinx. He's doing really well. Really getting to grips with all the training we've been doing. He's mastered Sit, Down, Fetch and NO. 'Come' is perfect but only when he wants it to be, he's definitely got selective hearing. He's loving his walks, especially diving head first into the lake after the swans. He just adores other dogs and will quite happily play for hours with some of them.
He's growing at quite a speed and really strong and powerful with it but he still loves a cuddle, especially first thing in the morning. Doesn't fit quite so snug on our laps now though!!
It's safe to say that Jinx has changed our lives. No more bored days off, lying in to midday or wasting it doing nothing. If we're not walking, we're chasing Jinx around the house to get the Tea-Towel or my slippers back. I've got so into the whole dog training thing that I've just enrolled on a diploma course in Canine Training and Behaviour.....shall see where that leads.
Take a look at the pictures attached.
Esme Butcher


Just to let you know that Woody has settled in amazingly - he seems to take everything in his stride - looks hopefully as if he is going to be like his Dad, nice and laid back.  He is very outgoing & affectionate.  He seems to have adjusted to his new life very well.  He wasn't sick at all on the journey and hasn't gone off his food.  He hasn't been bothered by our other 2 dogs and loves playing with the children.  
We took him to the vets this morning for his first jab and he didn't even flinch - he's a real credit to you Sally and we are fast falling in love!!  Will send you some photos of him as he gets bigger. 
Happy Christmas to you all and many thanks for letting us have Woody!
Maria & family  



Dear Sally,
Can you believe it baby Amber is now 5!!! Although as you will see from the attached photo's of her and Zoe [which I have just taken] Amber still looks like a little baby, anyway she is still the same i.e. No off switch, but we would not have her any other way, she has just about worn out Zoe who is approaching 7 now and has the patience of a saint with the mad one.  We will never be able to thank you enough for letting us take your baby into our care she has always given love and joy to all who come into contact with her.
So have attached a few photo's as I say and we all send you and yours all our love and best wishes for 2008.
Hilary, Bruce Amber and Zoe.


Hi Sally
Hope you are well.  Just a brief update on Chester who will be One on Wednesday.  He is the most handsome and gorgeous dog you could every wish for, thank you. 
Jo Tyler



Hi Sally!

Just a quick note to let you know that the puppy we
collected last Wednesday evening is settling in very
well here with us!  We have decided to call him
Apart from a little crying on the first night he has
been very settled and confident - as predicted he
wants to be into everything - when he's not snoring on
his bed!  We're loving having him!
I will send you some pictures once I've got them off
my camera.

Many Thanks again
Phil and Claire Pape.


Hi Sally,

We have been meaning to write and send some pictures of Finn for some time - he's finally stood still long enough for us to get some. Anyway, he's now 20 months old and we are absolutely delighted with him. He has trained up really well, is great fun for all of us and a pleasure to own. He is regularly admired and is well known as a real character in the village. We didn't think a dog would need quite so much exercise though!!! he's on the go ALL day but is a completely different dog at night, settling down as soon as he comes in and never bothers us - luckily we live amongst some lovely countryside walks and Sarah takes him for a couple of hours a day. He has recently learnt how to swim which is great exercise for him and he swims in the canal and follows whilst we walk!!! He's the only dog that we've had that chases a ball and would play all day. He has a fantastic temperament, never quarrelsome with other dogs, and a brilliant companion. When we saw the litter we hoped for a 'brown Merlin' and that's exactly what we have got.
We hope you and yours are all well and apologise again for taking so long to write.
Guy & Sarah, Joe, Sam


Hi Sally, I thought i would drop you a line to let you know how Murphy is doing.

He has settled really well  and it now seems like he has always been here. He and my other dog Molly are inseparable and are the best of friends. He is house trained fully now and is doing really well with the basic obedience work we are doing. We are looking forward to his advance training when he gets a bit older.
Everywhere we go we are told what a handsome dog he is, I don't think that there is a single doggy person in our village who hasn't met him and wanted to take him home!!
He is great with the kids and very placid. He is tied up outside school every day with Molly and loves all the cuddles he gets from every passing child.
I have attached a couple of pics for you.
Hope all is well with you and your current babies!
Ruth Stones


Hiya Sal

I Can't believe that this time last week we were travelling back up from
yours with Dice. He is growing on a daily basis,  It has been a tiring week
but one very rewarding week.  We have been for his vaccinations, to the
stables, to Pets at Home to pick his collar (though I couldn't find one I
liked). and loads of other things to socialise him and get him used to
different noises.

He LOVES his crate and is quite happy chilled  to stay in there when all the
others are walking about -  What a FAB FAB FAB baby.

Both cats and Molly have all accepted him (Molly even playing with him!!!)
Even though he gets a bit rough at times and has to be told NO, He seems to
have put a spring back into her 13yr old self. At this very moment he is
fast asleep in his crate and she is lying beside him (outside)

Here's a few photo's to let you see how he is settling in..... Hope you will
be pleased with what you see.

Kind Regards

Clair, Les, Molly, Dice and the Cats!!!